Detoxifying Treatments

Far Infrared Sauna - $35 (30 minutes)

Infrared technology directly heats the person, not the air around them. The infrared heat energy deeply penetrates tissues and you will experience 2-3 times the amount of perspiration you would with a traditional sauna. This helps rid the body of the environmental toxins that accumulate over time. While detoxifying, you will be relieving pain, improving your cardiovascular health, and beautifying your skin, all while burning between 200-500 calories in a 30 minute session!

Ionic Foot Bath Detox - $35 (30 minutes)

A relaxing 30 minute treatment. Your feet are placed in warm, salted water in which a copper coil releases a pulsed charge which creates magnetic field charging ions. The treatment can improve circulation, lessen pain and edema, and has helped improve psoriasis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Clients have experienced more restful sleep, improved clarity, and an increase in energy.

Infrared Sauna can be used in conjunction with massage therapy and body scrubs.

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